AAIS Membership…The Open Road to Modern Advisory Solutions

AAIS Membership…The Open Road to Modern Advisory Solutions 

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AAIS is redefining Membership as an open, all-access platform that provides AAIS Members exclusive access to a comprehensive selection of our best-in-class programs, unparalleled services, and state-of-the-art advisory tools and technologies that support operational efficiencies and growth objectives.  

AAIS Membership creates opportunities to connect across the insurance community in all new ways:

  • To provide an open, unbiased, secure, and trusted environment where Member carriers can collaborate, even with competitors
  • To develop responsive and accessible advisory solutions that are the foundation for modern insurance product and service delivery
  • To invest in new products and advanced tools for the long-term common-good of the insurance industry 
  • And to improve the outlook for the future of the insurance industry.


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